How Much Should an Animated Explainer Video Cost?

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It’s clear that video captures the most valuable commodity in business - attention. In fact, around 55% of people around the world watch videos online every day.

If you're already considering video for your business, you’ve probably thought about an explainer.

Animated explainer videos do exactly what their name suggests - they explain a company’s values, products and services. They’re popular because they’re engaging, informative, and proven to increase conversions.

But there’s a massive black hole when it comes to pricing information online - exactly what does an animated explainer video cost?

Most animation studios put walls around their packages and pricing, requiring multiple calls and emails to determine how much budget you’ll need to set aside for your production.

And if you run a web search to get an idea, you’ll see prices ranging from $350 to $35,000.

For Lumeo clients, the answer is easy - we display our explainer video costs and packages up front for full transparency.

Going bargain basement

If you find a company offering to create your video for under $1,500 you can be confident they're using a template.

Props, objects, and characters are pre-rigged. This means they’re going to look the same as the other 20,000 bargain basement explainer videos out there (you’re not going to stand out from the crowd by blending in).

Some operators even have pre-animated objects and characters ready to be dragged and dropped into your video timeline.

Once again, this can be cheaper, but it looks very ‘same-y’. The resulting animation is typically clunky, appears unprofessional and is unlikely to be effective.

Location also matters.

While it may be tempting to seek cheaper services outside Australia, this approach presents a raft of challenges around project management, turnaround times and quality. 

It’s also uncertain that the company’s staff will understand how to sell to your domestic audience, which is vital when crafting a visual communications tool.

Choosing an animation studio in the same country reduces project management time, timezone issues, and increases the likelihood of producing a video that speaks to your local market.

If something looks amazing, it’s probably expensive

It can take several weeks to create just a few seconds of animation if it's developed from scratch and full of action. In fact, large companies have paid millions for a few minutes of animation.

But as the adage goes, ‘you get what you pay for’.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to have to spend millions on a video (realistically, who can afford that?), but it does mean you’ll probably get a lemon if you pay under-the-odds for production.

So … what’s the price of an animated explainer video?

The stock standard answer is, ‘how long is a piece of string?’. The cost of an animated explainer video will vary based on what you're looking for - style, inclusions, duration, turnaround times.

So if you need budget certainty, check out Lumeo’s set-price animated video packages. We take the guesswork out of animation by giving you the information you need up-front.