We are explainer video experts, turning ideas into clear (and engaging) messages that motivate action.

It could be for a business communication, a charity or NFP... or maybe you're just having trouble explaining what your business does.

Most of the pieces we create are animated explainer videos, but it may equally be a filmed video production. Or a combo.

At Lumeo we create stand-out explainer videos for businesses, regardless of the production style.

Some of our past animated explainer video work

Why are you thinking ‘explainer video’?

So why are you thinking explainer video, or indeed, why should you even  be thinking about one?

It’s well known among the SEO nerds of the world that “Google loves video”. Google’s algorithm for search rankings takes into consideration the amount of time visitors actually spend on your website, which is one reason why explainer videos are seeing such explosive growth.

A fresh new explainer video (or videos) can provide valuable information and insight for your visitors. Conversely, stale websites don’t do so well.

More importantly, you run the risk of scaring away potential customers who want to quickly understand if your product could be right for them.

Explainer videos have boomed in popularity in recent times due to both their affordability and proven effectiveness in growing business. This makes your explainer video an excellent marketing tool and a great investment.

Increase conversion rates my tracking views

Explainer videos help every business owner and marketing person keep tally of the visitors to their sites - visitors who could become actual customers.

How? You can track which product or service your potential customers are interested in by monitoring the number of views on each piece.

Fast communication

Text can be slow and easily misunderstood, whereas an explainer video makes communicating the usefulness and function of your product or service more interesting and concise (that’s their entire purpose!).

Visitors to your site gain a better understanding of what you do once they see it in action and hear someone explain it.

Explainer videos on social media

Your explainer video doesn’t have to just sit on your website. Businesses are increasingly using them across social media to spread the word about their products and services.

At Lumeo, one of our more popular products is our Social Media Ad Package, where you receive a 15 sec social media explainer tailored for all the popular platforms - from LinkedIn to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your website - and everything between.

An explainer video showcases your personality

Showing how a product or service works builds trust between your audience and your business. This is important for all businesses, but particularly for those just beginning - in fact, the best start-up explainer videos are those that focus on building connection.

The number one thing that makes a new customer become a repeat customer is your service and your brand personality. This is especially true for online businesses where the customer will have little, if any, contact with you directly.

Remote briefing and project updates

Lumeo creates explainer videos for businesses around the world. In most cases, every stage of production - from initial briefing through to final approval - is handled remotely via phone or internet.

We take our work, and your success, seriously. And in an interconnected world, we’ve found all of this can be achieved beautifully via the use of technology.

Video increases your chances of first page Google ranking

If you’ve been reading up on your SEO, you’ll know a major influence on your Google ranking is relevant content.

Key factors involved in this calculation are your bounce rate, time on page and your site’s click through rate – each of which are considerably enhanced by having one or more explainer videos on your site.

Why? Because they generate interest and keep people there for extended periods (while they watch your videos).

Explainer videos are perfect for social media video ads and campaigns. They can also be hosted on a video network such as YouTube or Vimeo, and then embedded into any part of a website, blog or eDM as required.

We also make sure you’re satisfied and that the content we produce is highly “shareable”. Just see our satisfaction guarantee.

13 Things to Consider Before Creating an Explainer Video

What is your ideal timeline?

If you haven't organised a video before, the first thing you should know is it’s probably going to take longer than you think. That said, a company with loads of experience creating explainer videos for businesses like Lumeo can usually pull a rabbit or two out of the hat if needed.

For most custom explainer videos we guarantee a 4-week delivery time from script approval. A shorter deadline than this usually means one of two things – we either have to shortcut our normal process or increase the budget (due to putting more people on the job). Better that you know upfront how much time to allow.

Do you have a budget in mind?

We’ve created packages and compiled some examples to give you an idea of what you can expect from your budget.

Sometimes it’s best to establish how much you can invest and get your production company to come up with suggestions as to what they can achieve with it. Explainer videos are usually relatively lower budget productions (versus, say, a TV commercial). But with every passing year, viewer expectations of quality are being raised. Be aware of your competitive environment – you don’t want to look cheap compared to your competition.

How is the video going to be used?

Is the video a stand-alone piece or part of a larger campaign? The more we know about the video’s intended usage, the better. Your video could be used on a landing page, a microsite, an eDM, or shared on Facebook or other social channels. It’s best we know the big picture in the beginning so we can plan the most economical way to produce the outputs you need.

And be aware that different platforms may require different outputs – each of which has a cost attached. Should these be included in the initial budget or costed separately?

Have you defined your purpose?

‘How’ and ‘purpose’ are different. ‘Purpose’ is more about why rather than where.

Is there a problem to be overcome? Is there an objective? Once we know what the exact purpose is, the script and the execution can be planned around it.

What’s the best ROI measurement?

Comments and shares can be used as judgement criteria for videos posted on social channels. Landing pages and microsites are best measured by click throughs.

Explainer videos don’t have to be dry and corporate. They can be quite humorous – witness the Air New Zealand’s safety videos (safety should be serious right? Maybe not).

If you know how your company will define success, we can do things like  making sure we build graphics and appropriate calls-to-action in the video.

What is the approval process?

This can seriously affect the overall production time of your video. If the project has to go through many signoff layers (including legal), we may have to structure a special timeline for the job. Usually however, the 4-week timeline we supply at the start lets everyone know when their input or approval will be required.

How to talk to you target audience?

Who you are talking to often defines how you should talk to them. Write down how the target audience thinks about products like yours.

Is your target audience really interested in the category or is your product more of a commodity? If you’re measuring effectiveness, your explainer video may need to address your target audience in a specific way.

What style of video do you want?

Lumeo has most of your explainer video options covered. Live action, 2D and 3D animation, and motion graphics are all handled by our team.

That means we’re also able to handle combinations of these techniques, so you only have to deal with the one production company.

Have you considered your audio requirements?

A great audio track is worth investing in. George Lucas, of Star Wars fame, says audio is 50% of the entertainment in his films.

So take care not to cut corners in audio. The difference a good voice over or specially composed music track (versus an amateur voice over or library music track) can be quite dramatic.

Can you anticipate any future revisions?

If you anticipate there will be changes down the track, it is often cheaper to make provision for them in the initial production.

Do you have a reference guide?

If you’ve seen something you like, let us know. Any reference is a great starting point for our creative team. Keep in mind your budget may not allow you to do a full-on Pixar 3D motion capture Toy Story-style of thing, but at least we’ll know where you are coming from.

Will there be any “must haves”?   

Logos, legal copy and T&Cs. We need to know about these early on so we can fit them in seamlessly rather than trying to squeeze them in later.

Any other questions?

Lumeo’s production team don’t expect you to be an expert in explainer video production.

Have a chat with us about the explainer video production process and we’ll make it a breeze!

About Lumeo

Lumeo is a large corporate video production company in Melbourne, Australia but we work with clients nationwide and beyond. We have extensive experience both in understanding the marketing needs of an extraordinarily wide variety of businesses, and in providing them with effective corporate videos.