Type: Explainer video, Product demo video, App video
Industry: Trades
Package: Market Leader

An answer for all tradies

Sometimes when clients approach us, they have existing assets to work into their animated video production - just like the good people at GoodWork. The GoodWork team came to us with assets and a video brief requesting we be “direct, but not rude; motivational and supportive, but not patronising; humorous, but not crass or cliché; human and helpful, but not chummy; professional, but not robotic.”

Our job was to work with their illustrator to bring the static visual style into glorious animated motion for their new website explainer video. The KISS principle drove this animation production, which was created mainly in After Effects.

“We made the UI the hero of the video,” added our creative director. “But to make it a bit more interesting than just a hand pressing buttons, we showed people interacting with a giant phone. We were supplied with a 2D phone, but we gave it a 3D entrance.”

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