We have a slight bias. Lumeo is both an animation and video production company - as such, we can handle your YouTube advertising videos whether they be in any format. Or a combo of both (why not?).

But if the truth be told, we do have a soft spot for animation. Our reasons may have a lot to do with the history and evolution of Lumeo - from a small explainer video company to a large, respected, full service production company.

That’s enough trumpet blowing.

Suffice to say, if you’re thinking of YouTube advertising - whether pre-roll or longer form - you should also be thinking to take advantage of our experience of the medium.

What the “Big Guns” are doing.

Three of the biggest, smartest, most online-video-advertising-savvy companies in the whole darn world use animated YouTube advertising videos in their marketing.

Yep, Google, Apple and Facebook all use it.

Now, given all the data and resources (and the moolah) available to these behemoths, there must be some among you who are thinking “Well, if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.

And you’d be right.

Because it works.

Youtube Advertising Examples




Animation makes the complex, simple.

Animated YouTube pre roll ads distil often complex concepts into short, engaging packages that hit viewers in a way that text or live action video simply cannot.

Just imagine - you can make characters specially created for your company or your product, talk exactly how you want; have them fly, skywrite your logo in 10 metre high letters; or travel forward or back in time.

And if your creative marketing team is able to marry imagination and relevance, you can lead your target audience down the funnel and into the sales department or online shop like the Pied Piper of Hamelin whistling a merry tune.

Beating the Skip ad button

These days, the very first objective with any YouTube advertisement (animated or otherwise) is to survive the 6 second “skip ad” button

In 2018, YouTube got rid of the “unskippable” pre roll ads and replaced them with a 6 second “skip ad” button. As of this writing, you only get charged if the viewer stays to 30 seconds (or the video’s duration, if shorter).

Content and advertising on social media has always needed to be, at very least, interesting. Now, even more so.

Using animation to tell your story has the advantage of its innate charm.

Animation is immediately engaging and, with so many styles available, we’re yet to find a product or service whose story we can’t tell. And if you want viewers to be more engaged (and avoid hitting the ‘skip’ button), using animation will put you ahead of the game.

But everyone uses the “Skip ad” button. Don’t they?

Evidently not everyone. Consider this simple animated YouTube pre roll ad.

Remembering a “view” is now at least 30 seconds, and that not everyone is in the market for a new CRM system, you’d have to be happy with a pre roll Youtube video that racks up 1.4 million views. I’ll spell that out - one point four million views for this animated YouTube pre roll ad.

Numbers like this inspire us. We hope they also inspire you.

About Lumeo

Lumeo is a large corporate video production company in Melbourne, Australia but we work with clients nationwide and beyond. We have extensive experience both in understanding the marketing needs of an extraordinarily wide variety of businesses, and in providing them with effective corporate videos.