Your 2019 guide to creative product promotion videos

If you’ve ever studied marketing you would have come across the ‘4Ps’ – product, price, place and promotion – the essence of the ‘marketing mix’.

This is about the last one, promotion, and how video can and must play a role in your marketing thinking.

Do you know much about product videos for marketing?

Product ‘promotion’ in this context includes your advertising, sales promotions and PR efforts.

New platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter have been added to the mix of traditional options.

All are visual media. An exceptional corporate promotional video production is essential for any successful business

Today, reaching your target audience where they live or work - on their mobile, tablet or computer devices - and getting their attention with meaningful and motivating content, has changed just about everything regarding product promotion.

Online video is the fastest growing media segment in Australia (up 44% in 2018).
— IAB Australia Total Australian Advertising Market - 2H FY2018 October 2018

Product promotion - budgeting

Every marketer today needs to perform a stocktake of their video assets and identify where the holes are. That list will help you begin making budget allocations for them now.

If you’re like most marketers, you’ll probably find some serious gaps in what you have, versus what you’ll be needing.

Getting value for your product promotion dollar

You have two choices. You can continue to produce your product promotion online video content in an ad hoc, project-by-project, manner.

Nothing wrong with that.

But be aware that online video is the fastest growing media segment in Australia (up 44% in 2018) and as such, experienced production companies like Lumeo, which specialises in creative product promotion video, will be under increased time and availability pressure.

Your second choice is this…

Treat us the same as you would your media buying company!

In much the same way as you would approach a media buying company to provide you with the best use of your media spend, so too you should start thinking the same way about your production budget.

You have to ask yourself “Who is going to give me the best ‘bang for my buck’ when it comes to producing video for my company?”

Six important product promotion questions to answer

Think about what videos you might need in the next budget period.

1.     How many YouTube and Facebook videos?

2.     How many product explainer videos?

3.     Will your website need new videos for Google’s bots to discover, crawl over and rank for SEO?

4.     Is there value in producing your videos in bulk?

5.     Or should you work out an annual package with a schedule and deadlines spread throughout the year?

6.     Do you need a mix of live action and animated content?

You’ll need to be working with a video company with the capacity and marketing experience to both understand and accommodate your needs relative to your budget.

And then there’s this 1000-pound gorilla… Here’s a direct quote from Amazon’s own site:

Amazon video ads allow advertisers to reach Amazon customers with targeted video on Amazon’s websites, mobile apps, and Fire tablet wake screen.
— Amazon Advertising

While relatively new to the video marketing scene, the Amazon platform is making inroads…fast. Brand advertisers like Lego and Pernod Ricard are buying more video inventory on Amazon, which is now akin to a search engine for shoppers who are closer to making a final purchase decision.

Strategy before execution

Lumeo creates product promotion videos - we’re not here to preach strategy to you. Strategy is your job. Ours is to understand what your strategy is trying to achieve.

We have some of the most creative people you’re ever likely to meet working here at Lumeo - people who know how to interpret your marketing strategy and brief in a manner that will engage, entertain, persuade and charm your potential customer.

We have the experience to contribute execution ideas and techniques you probably haven’t thought of. Our videos elicit trust and increase your ‘likeability’.

Lumeo took on a complex brief and were able to deliver a promotional video in a very short period of time. They were responsive and their ability to take on feedback and revisions helped us get the amazing outcome we were after – a quality video that brings our solution to life and makes it shine!

Cassandra Taylor,
Risk Logic

Oh, and another thing – testimonials

Like the one above, customer testimonials are hugely effective in giving confidence to potential new customers who may need a third party to endorse you before they believe how wonderful you say you are.

Testimonials are quick and easy.

And they can also be very creative.

Have you thought of overlaying some animation on that ‘talking head’? Or adding some kinetic type or graphics to underscore what their testimony is saying?

About Lumeo

Lumeo is a large corporate video production company in Melbourne, Australia but we work with clients nationwide and beyond. We have extensive experience both in understanding the marketing needs of an extraordinarily wide variety of businesses, and in providing them with effective corporate videos.