5 Reasons Why Animated Video Trumps Live Action, Every Time


Apples or pears. Cats or dogs. Coffee or tea. 

Choosing between a live action or animated video may feel like a matter of preference but, in reality, the two styles are worlds apart.  

Let’s unpack why animation always comes out on top when it comes to engaging your audience and driving sales. 

1. Animation can simplify complex concepts. 

Let’s say your company’s new app is innovative, but a little tricky to explain. The app allows people to link their friends or connections with jobs people might not have heard about, then claim a cash reward if their nominee is hired. 

Filming all the steps in this process would be complicated, time-consuming and clunky in execution —  but illustrating the process from end-to-end in animation is a different matter.  

Don’t believe us? See how we did it for YolpMe

2. It’s less labour-intensive to produce an animation. 

There’s always work involved in video production, regardless of whether it’s live action or animation.

But when it comes to animation, you have the luxury of writing a brief and sitting back while your external team of animators produces a pretty picture for you to review, approve, and send out into the world.

In other words, there’s no fiddly camera hire, set hire, lighting, pack up and pack down, or looming weather disasters to worry about.

3. You have more opportunities to get it right. 

Any animation studio worth their salt will be invested in getting their work right from day dot. That means they’ll work with you to ensure the visual direction, script, voice-over and your branding is correct. 

You’ll also have multiple rounds of review, both before and after they begin animation. If you’re not happy with a certain shot or a character in the background, it’s a lot simpler to edit out a character in an animation layer than to reshoot a scene!

4. Animation isn’t subject to the physical constraints of live action.

If we were held at gunpoint and asked for one reason why animation trumps live action, we’d say this: animation offers more creative opportunities.

Want to show that your car is out of this world? Send it to space. Need to highlight the amount of litter that’s collected in the ocean to encourage people to donate to your charity? Let animation sink you 8047 metres below — safely, and in seconds. 

You get the picture. 

5. Animation’s more dynamic. 

Almost 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube everyday. In all that noise, you need to stand out. 

Some might claim live action is more humanising and familiar to viewers — but a good animator is just as capable of imbuing a character with the human reactions and inflections (just with a much cooler aesthetic). 

Ready to explore animated video production? Choose the style that’s right for your business.